News and Updates
9th April 2009

I'm back again my darlings! Did you miss me?

Pie Shop is available again as a pdf in its original format, but also as a small booklet, so it looks just like all the other Indie games on the shelf. Take a look at my storefront and see for yourself how I've joined the marketing conspiracy we call life.

11th Sept 2006

Oh happy day, someone likes me. Now while you and I know popularity isn't everything, we all wish we could be a cheerleader too, deep down on the inside, don't we? Well, even if 'deep down on the inside' and 'cheerleader' have entirly different connotations for me, the meaning is still the same. Anyway, for the Germans among you there is a new review posted on which you can find here. However, if you can't speak German (and shame on you, we are all Europeans these days) I have a translation on this page.

10th August 2006 A new edition of Pie Shop rears it's ugly head. Not much has changed but I've added a few tweaks to make it smoother and easier to slide in. The reprinting has also allowed me to do deals with wholesalers, meaning Pie Shop could be nearer than you think. So feel free to order it from Key 20, but ask your local games store for a copy and they may just be able to oblige.
26th Sept 2005 Pie Shop is now available from the Key 20 website. You can buy it here.
16th Sept 2005 Now that I have secured their relatives in my basement, the wonderful people at Key 20 are now distributing Pie Shop. Many thanks to the people at Leisure Games. Sadly, now they have found the bodies I cannot offer them the hope of seeing their loved ones again in return for their continued service.
1st Sept 2005 Pie Shop manages an honourable mention in the Indy RPG awards. You can see what they say here. How right they are.
13th August 2005 Pie Shop rears it's horribly ugly head at Gen-Con Indy this year. The marvellous people at Key 20 (Booth 742, behind Green Ronin and next to Nico's Silkscreen and Design) will be stocking copies, and if you ask nicely they may reward you with a copy in return for $15. You know you want one, don't be scared to ask.
24th June 2005 Pie Shop is finally reviewed! You can find the nice words of Mr Pook displayed in the glossy goodness of Pyramid online magazine. It lives here, and if you subscribe you can read more.
11th April 2005 Pie Shop has now been entered for an Indy RPG award. Vote for me. Now, if I can just get the addresses for the other competitors.
9th April 2005 As you are all greedy and obscene I've updated the site a little. There is now a teaser for the game ('A Slice of Pie') available free for those of you too shy to buy it. You can find the teaser at this page. It is all the OGL parts of Pie Shop (ie, none of the really good bits) which you may enjoy. There are also some pretty wallpapers too, but none of them have flowers on them.
10th Jan 2005 To celebrate the new year, I've added a new 2 page character sheet to the site. You can also find both versions of the character sheet from the preview and full editions. Look at them here.
4th December 2004 Pie Shop is released at Dragonmeet. Hope you liked it. It you didn't, I've got your money to console me. Sadly it came to my attention that some copies of the game had flaws in the printing. If you bought such a copy, mail me and I will send a replacement. That is if you are happy to give me your address.
2nd November 2004

The site goes live. Welcome, hello, buy my fucking book. Nice to see you here, hope you like it. This site is here to support my game 'Pie Shop', and everything here is copyright to somebody. So don't fuck with it. If my inclusion of Alice in Wonderland pisses you off (and you own the rights) then I'll remove it. Even Mr Toad bows with respect to Lewis Caroll and his writing. If my attitude offends you, send me a mail. I dare you.

This isn't the final site, oh no my children, there is more to come. Sadly my web designer hurt his wrist, because I tied the manicles too tight. I would have punished him with pain and made him work anyway, by cutting off a foot. However, I'd already done that to stop him getting away. Life is full of such irony. Anyway, when he is better, there will be a new site with glory and true sacrifice. I'm looking forward to it.

31st October 2004 Oh dear, it seems I've killed again. Still, I didn't want to leave you out, now we are freinds and all. So you'll find pictures of my slaughtered victim here.
19th August 2004 The preview edition of Pie Shop is released for Gen-Con Indy. If you were the guy who had a rant at the Crimson/Cursed Empire guys I'd love to hear from you. But as you are obviously unable to read the warning on the book, I don't expect you'll read this either. So sad.