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Well, before locking the door on those who have read my game, it seemed only fair to publish their thoughts. It is a shame to have to have to lock such erudite people away, but when you've read too much, what else can you do? Personally I find the screaming restful, but hey ho...

So for those of you who just have to know what other people think (and that is so important nowadays) here are those very thoughts, laid out before you.

There is also a full review of Pie Shop by Matthew Pook in the June 24th edition of Pyramid online. If you are a subscriber you can link to it here. If that just isn't enough for you (and why settle?) some of Mr Pook's words have made their way to this page too. If you read German (and who doesn't these days?) you can take a look at for another review. However you'll find an English version below.


One of the newest creations from Toad's workshop, funny, fresh and deliciously macabre.
Who of us didn't want a role playing game which put aside elves, trolls and magical worlds in favour of the essentials?

The players are serial killers who have been caught but the authorities are offering a deal. They are free to go, can even continue as before but now and then they have to kill a few people who really deserve it - at least according to certain influential people.
The main aspect isn't superhuman skills or specific details of weapons, force or ammunition but finding the killer in oneself and getting rid of the stereotypes of film etc.
It's how the author puts it, "You want killers and murderers with an excuse who feel guilty? Go pretend to be a vampire."

With lots of wit and simply unimaginable sarcasm, a horror RPG appears which won't suit fantasy fans very well but will provide not only goosebumps but also many fun sessions for fans of horror and Splatter.

-review by (Translated by Andreas Beck, who wins aspecial prize...)

So rare to meet someone who understands, and no, it won't suit fantasy fans.


Having read most of a pre-release version of Pie Shop, I can honestly say they aren't kidding about it being twisted and disturbing. It's definitely a game for someone who needs to work out sociopathic issues without resorting to actual bloodletting.
-'Devilbird' ('The Village' forum)

How right you are.

Pie Shop though, is not the outrageously satirical rant upon the style of play espoused by the world's leading RPG that is Violence, but more the social commentary of Puppetland/Powerkill that forces us to confront the casually violent nature of our actions in so many games.

Right from the out, Pie Shop gets to its point. It is a roleplaying game that descends into the hobby's equivalent of the septic tank by asking you to roleplay a serial killer. Not a mere killer with a cause or a conscience, but a sick individual driven to commit murder for often the most spurious, though no less compelling of reasons.

The production values for Pie Shop are decent enough and the book is well-written. In places, the tone is mockingly snide and the strong language always aimed the game's wannabe player. In the full edition of the game the author adds further quotes from Lewis Carol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that it murderously subverts along with several of John Tenniel's illustrations from the books.
-Matthew Pook, Pyramid Magazine

Someone else to add to my Christmas card list


(The award for) "Most Likely to get you Thrown Out of GenCon for Selling."
Pie Shop. Seriously, if you were back in high school, being found with a copy of this game would put you in the guidance office for a year.

-Andy Kitkowski, Indy RPG awards

I'd like to thank my Mum, Dad and therapist for making it all possible


loves it!
can we have a free game please?
we're your biggest fans!!!!!!!
we LOVE Mr Toad

dooey and tiges
nuff love bruv

-Amelia Williams, who didn't leave an address...