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A 7th Sea Campaign

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Welcome to my 7th Sea site.

This site is dedicated to the 7th Sea campaign I've been running with my group for the last three years. When I saw there were other campaigns written up as web sites, I thought I'd do something with my campaign too. It was also a good opportunity to finally learn how to write and build web pages. So my apologies to you if this, my first effort, is a little rough or doesn't work properly. Also, I don't mind you making use of anything on this site for your own games (in a non-profit capacity of course) as long as you at least lay the credit where it is due (which is not always with me). Many of the images and photos are probably copyrighted to other people. So if I have used something I shouldn't have I apologise, and if you contact me I'll be happy to remove it.

This site is a collection of all the various characters and adventures that my group have played. Over the years many of them chose to play different characters every now and again. I say this in case you wonder how I ran a game for more than ten characters at the same time. I have also been lucky enough to have two of my players want to run something themselves, which gave me the opportunity to play my character, Fiora.

So in short, here is my 7th Sea game, still being played with AEG's excellent 'Roll & Keep' system. This is because I loathe the D20 system (as it is archaic, rules heavy and not even close to R&K for playability). You'll find details of the adventures we have played, and among the journals of the characters you'll find how we played them. There are also a few articles and house rule notes that you may find useful. I did try running a modern 7th sea game as an interlude for my group, the details of which you'll also find here. You may think that for three years of playing time we might have got a little further with the adventure. The reason it is taking so long is because the relationships between the characters are where the real game lies. Many sessions have involved me just listening to the inter-party role play and wondering if I really needed to bring the adventure with me. This is great as it allows me to eat more pizza and enjoy the antics of my players. Gaming is not about solving the puzzle, it is about role play and character interaction, which is why I've been so lucky to find the group I have.

So read and enjoy, and remember that in Théah, love’s blade always cuts deeper than steel.

Site Updates:

14th March 2016
7th Sea is back and so am I!
I've updated the site to cover the new adventures we've had now we have returned to the campaign.
However, I have yet to add our new characters and update the Freiburg section. But this makes a start!

8th August 2007
I'm cooking now! :-) After getting some stuff from Simson I've updated Angelica with her 20 questions and her diary. As she joined the group for the Freiburg game you can read about what is going on now until I get the campaign notes sorted! I've also updated my Shameless Plug section and included links to the Noblesse Oblige book and my Strega book.

1st August 2007
Given that I've not done a thing for ages it is about time I did. So I've added a page for 'The Fallen' those characters htat havn't survived the game. I've also started to add some detail for the latest campaign. But not much yet. I've also added a little on Dante and Angelica, two new characters.

10th Dec 2005
Morgan and Mikei (my second character and Annie's new character) have now been added to the site. You can find them listed with the others in the character section.

15th Sept 2005
I've played around with the adventures section. The details of the recent adventures are all added under a new campaign heading. All the adventures are separated out into campaigns now. The empty spaces in the full campaign write up have been filled with notes. I hope to finish full write ups at some point, but I've at least filled the gap with scrappy notes that should bullet point what was going on. It isn't finished, but things are a lot more caught up than before. Any text in the adventure detail that is just notes or incompleate is written in green.

17th April 2005
I've finally added Jan's story 'Fortune's Fools' to the interlude section in Journals.
Also the '7th sea 2568' part of the site is finally finished. I may well add more to it, but at least now every page actually has an entry with no blank spaces.

9th April 2005
Well, for a start I've added an updates section.
There are now more cards for the CCG done for the characters. These are on the history pages for each character, and a new 'CCG' page has been added where you can see all the cards for both the players and NPCs.
The Shameless Plug page has also been updated to contain my work for the website.
The 7th Sea 2568 section has also had a bit more work done to it. Still not finished, but a lot more blanks filled in.