What is Pie Shop?

Pie Shop is a game, a role playing game.
If you don't know what that is then yes, it is a bit like Dungeons and Dragons
and no, it does not involve a computer.

Go and ask someone about it before you make any more assumptions.

Pie Shop is a game that may shock, disturb, appaul, fascinate and even amuse you. That all depends on you.
It is a stand alone rulebook that allows you to go to the nastiest parts of your imagination. It is possibly the darkest and most disturbing RPG you will ever read. That isn’t a shameless marketing gimmick, it is a warning.
No. Really.

As I didn’t want the D20/OGL gamers to feel left out, There is also a new prestige class for you to enjoy.
I didn’t want you to miss out on the fun.

It is difficult to explain Pie Shop.
If I told you exactly what it was you would make too many assumptions. You’d either be horrified, or you’d rush out to buy this ‘kewl’ product. I’d rather you read Pie Shop and understood.

So let’s just say that Pie Shop is best served cold, With Fava beans and a nice chianti…